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This form of reasoning aligns informative post closely with the theme of dualism. If one may judge a priori, the death penalty is more moral and more humane than imprisonment for life. Turned out, Bill Ackman had made an expensive wrong bet for shorting Herbalife. As a result, Carl Icahn made over $1 billion on Herbalife while Bill Ackman had lost close to that amount over the span of 5 years. Ackman is notoriously known for shorting Herbalife, calling the company fraud, and making a big bet predicting that the company would fall sooner than later.

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His observations about gambling tend to be insightful yet tongue-in-cheek, probably borne from his own experiences, and the quote above ticks those boxes. There’s no risk involved in folding your money over once, so it’s safe. But if you are looking to double your money, you need to step out of your comfort zone. A harsh approach, it suggests that the winner, the thief, lured in the innocent fool and robbed them. Popular amongst those who don’t like gambling or risk-taking.

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Well as Meghan says, when you treat your people like people, great things can happen. When people are treated well, have a sense of purpose within the company, and have tangible goals — they’re engaged. Explore how you can put the human part back into your human resources.

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