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This event is determined on a “win-only” basis. The eligible player who compiles the most votes after the 22-round season will be declared the winner. Any player who was suspended during the season is not eligible to win the award. If that player polls the most votes, the following eligible player is declared the winner. In the event of a tie (dead-heat), both players will be declared the winner. Payouts will be determined as ‘half-face value of the ticket’.

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In some games there is a minimum requirement to open. In most formal games and nearly all games without a fixed maximum bet the check-raise is permitted and is considered a valid and useful tactic. There are great differences between poker players and what they expect from a game, and these are reflected in the variants and stakes chosen.

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These rules will go into effect starting Mondayand will be available for a maximum of 180 days. During this time, Louisiana sports betting will be able to launch under the temporary rules as the permanent rules continue to be worked on. A baseball team must play at least 160 games for wagers on its season wins to have action. Instant Action Sports does not recognize postponed games, protests or overturned decisions for wagering purposes. All baseball wagers must go the day written, otherwise there is no action and all monies are refunded.

Dead heat rules apply in the event of a tie. If a match is abandoned due to outside interference, bets on the outcome for the total of the game are voided, if no winner is declared from the official site all bets on the winner of the match are voided. For multi-way futures, betting all events are “ALL-IN” betting – no refunds, unless a stipulation is added that a certain participant must start for action. Davis Cup or Federation Cup wagers on the “Tie” are for that country to advance to the next round. Note that each Tie consists of five rubbers (“matches”).

2.1 Asian Handicap is a style of betting where the bookmaker handicaps the two teams in a game before its commencement. Using Football as an example, the bookmaker gives a goals deficit to the team it thinks is more likely to win, and a head start to the team it thinks is less likely to win. The handicaps are expressed in goals, or fractions of goals.

If the outcome of a market cannot be verified officially, we reserve the right to delay the settlement until official confirmation. 15.4 If a Grand Prix is suspended or postponed and is not resumed and completed within 72 hours, all bets are deemed void. If a driver withdraws before the race starts or doesn’t attend at the first start, are deemed void. If both drivers in the bet are non-finishers, the driver who completed the most laps is considered winner. If all drivers in the bet are non-finishers, the driver who completed the most laps is considered winner.

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If the conference has an official championship game, the winner of the championship game is deemed to have won that conference. Bowl Games and Conference Championship Games are NOT used towards teams season wins total – Regular Season Games ONLY. Six states have already begun enacting legislation to legalize sports betting once the federal law is lifted.